Gourmet Items


  • Aunt Connies Cocktail Sauce - 1 pt

    Aunt Connies Famous Cocktail Sauce. Perfect for all Seafood Dishes! 1 pt Unit.

  • Aunt Connies Tartar Sauce - 1pt

    Aunt Connies Famous Tartar Sauce. Perfect for all Your Seafood Dishes! 1 pt Unit.

  • Aunt Connies Cole Slaw - 1 qt

    Aunt Connies Famous Cole Slaw, perfect as a side for all your Seafood Dishes! 1-quart unit.

  • Aunt Connies Potato Salad - 1 qt

    Aunt Connies Famous Potato Salad, perfect as a side for all your Seafood Dishes! 1-quart unit.



  • Baccala Fritter Mix

    Baccala Fritter Mix. Ready to Fry, Made with Cod. 1 kilo

  • Fresh Salmon Burgers

    Freshly Made Salmon Burgers, 3 - 4oz Great-Tasting Patties per Pack.

  • Crab Stuffed Salmon

    2 - 6 oz Ready to Cook, Atlantic Salmon Fillets Stuffed with Fresh Crabmeat

  • Uncle Tony’s Crab Cakes

    Uncle Tony’s Crab Cakes, Made with Delicious Claw Crabmeat. Fried and Packed with Flavor. Box of 6.    



  • Butter, Unsalted, Grade AA

    Unsalted Butter, Grade AA,1 lb unit - Perfect for all Your Recipes, Cooking or Simply Spreading on Bread.

  • Large White Eggs, 1 Dozen

    Dozen of Large Eggs, Perfect for Any Recipe and Breakfast, A Great Way to Start the Day! Pair with Kurobuta Bacon.



  • Smoked Whitefish Salad

    Smoked Whitefish Salad, 7oz

  • Nova Smoked Salmon

    Nova Smoked Salmon, 8oz Pack

  • Imported, Dry Pasta

    Italian, Dry Pasta - 1 lb unit, Tasty and Delicious, Perfect Pairing with Any Seafood  Proteins.

  • Aunt Connies Chopped Ocean Clams

    Aunt Connies Chopped Ocean Clams - Perfect over Pasta's, Pizzas, Stuffings and more. 51oz, (3lbs, 3oz).

  • St. Ines Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 L

    St. Ines Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Spain. Taste the Difference! Perfect for Every Dish and Salad.



Aunt Connies Famous

Aunt Connie and our family has been innovating unique and delicious seafood creations for over 85 years. Through dedication to only using the finest ingredients, and knowledge that only comes from experience, Aunt Connies Famous product line has grown to over 60 premium options!

Classic items such as Sammy Brown’s Broccoli Slaw, Crab Corn Salad, and Potato Salad enhance any meal as a truly amazing side. Aunt Connies Famous Crab Cakes made with premium Crabmeat, and Fish Cakes made with flaky Cod are the perfect base for incredible sandwiches and entrees, as well as Aunt Connies fresh Salmon burgers when topped with Aunt Connies Cole Slaw make for an amazing sandwich.

Aunt Connies Famous Garlic Shrimp Salad is great as a first-course dish or warmed and tossed with pasta, her Mediterranean Seafood Salad is delicious as an appetizer served on a bed of leafy greens, and her savory Pulpo Salad is a sensational starter served warm or cold. If you’re looking for an exceptional dipping sauce or seafood topper, Aunt Connies Famous Cocktail and Tartar sauce are the ideal complement for everything from Fish ‘n’ Chips to fried Shrimp and will take all dishes to the next level. Aunt Connies Famous Pineapple Salsa is also the perfect match on top of fresh grilled Mahi Mahi.

All of Aunt Connies items are made with natural ingredients that will enhance your catering menu and will amaze guests. Not all items are made daily, please call to see what is on the menu today.