About Giuseppe’s Market & Ippolito's Seafood

Giuseppe’s Market, and its sister location, Ippolito’s Seafood, trace their roots back to 1919, when Giuseppe Ippolito arrived in America with a vision. Starting with a humble seafood pushcart, he aimed to blend his ancestral traditions with the ideals of the American Dream. Determined to offer fresh seafood at reasonable prices with exceptional service, Giuseppe saved diligently for a decade to realize his dream. In 1929, his aspirations materialized as Ippolito’s Seafood opened its doors for the first time.

Today, Giuseppe’s and Ippolito’s stand as revered institutions in Philadelphia, synonymous with quality and value. Upholding Giuseppe’s original ethos, we remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and premium seafood at accessible prices. With the next generation of the Ippolito family at the helm, Giuseppe’s Seafood is poised to carry forward its legacy into the future. Just as those before us, we are committed to pursuing excellence in all that we do.


Our Market

Established in 1929, Giuseppe’s Market and Ippolito’s Seafood, proudly hold the title of Philadelphia’s oldest seafood shop. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we specialize in sourcing the finest fish and seafood available. Our dedication to excellence extends globally, as we procure products from six continents, while also prioritizing the importance of supporting local catches.

To ensure our customers experience the best the ocean has to offer, we meticulously butcher all products in-house. With daily shipments and a focus on seasonal availability, we guarantee the freshest selection year-round. Backed by a knowledgeable staff educated by industry experts at our wholesale facility, Samuels Seafood Company, we provide unparalleled service and expertise.

Expanding beyond seafood, we now offer an extensive range of fresh produce and groceries, boasting over thirty fruits and vegetables, including conventional and organic options. Complemented by a selection of complementary ingredients, we aim to be your ultimate one-stop shop.

At the heart of our passion lies fish. With over one hundred varieties in-house, we offer everything from wild-caught to farmed salmon, alongside multiple species of flounder and an array of clams and oysters sourced globally. Should you have a specific request, we strive to accommodate, even offering cleaning, seasoning, and preparation services for those pressed for time.

For more information, simply give us a call at (215) 389-8906. Experience the excellence of Giuseppe’s Market at Samuels Seafood today!